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LS4 King

The LS4 Excalibur DOD / AFM Delete Kit

The LS4 Excalibur DOD / AFM Delete Kit

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The bold letters stamped on the plastic LS4 engine cover either read Displacement on Demand (DOD) or Active Fuel Management (AFM), depending on the year and model. Despite the difference in terminology, the cylinder deactivation system referenced is the same. Its almost a cruel joke; GM’s friendly reminder that they spent additional time and resources to integrate a technology proven to fail consistently. Addressing the shortcomings of this engineering flop should be at the top of any enthusiast’s modification list.

DOD or AFM was marketed as a fuel saving strategy implemented on various LS engines across GM’s most popular models. Using a solenoid based lifter manifold, specialty spring-loaded lifters as well as a unique camshaft, the engine control module can deactivate 4 cylinders under light load scenarios. When active, the valves remain closed for the 4 disabled cylinders and the injectors for the respective holes are disabled in an attempt to reduce fuel consumption and increase mileage. The engine operates at 50% of its capacity (essentially acting as a 4 cylinder) while the remaining inactive 4 cylinders are simply along for a rotational ride.

While the system sounds great in theory, it has proven to be extremely problematic. The specialty lifters are prone to failure and create a lack of compression or misfire on the affected cylinder. Unfortunately, servicing the lifters requires the removal of the cylinder heads which can be very labor intensive. LS4 King recognizes that it is not a matter of IF the system will fail, but WHEN. As a result we’ve worked with our partners in the industry to develop the most comprehensive DOD / AFM Delete Kit on the market with only top tier or OEM components.

The Excalibur DOD Delete Package was created from cumulative years of experience. At LS4 King we recognize how valuable your time can be and we know all too well the frustrations associated with chasing down parts to facilitate a modification or repair. This is why we have painstakingly worked to assemble a collection of parts that includes many of the minuscule components overlooked in other kits on the market. LS4 King has created the perfect balance of quality, longevity and value all while offering a substantial increase in performance.

The Excalibur DOD / AFM Delete Package Consists of the following components:

At the heart of our Excalibur Kit, you will find the camshaft. It is hard to say which aspect you will enjoy more, the choppy idle or the aggressive boost in horsepower. Beyond the proven performance associated with this grind, you can expect phenomenal drivability, even with the tight OE torque converter.

Valvetrain Components & Hardware:
Valvetrain stability and longevity topped the list of priorities when designing this kit. You will find an assortment of durable and reusable products engineered to last from names you trust.

-Dual .660 Lift Valve Spring Kit
-ARP Reusable Pro Series Cylinder Head Bolts
-ARP Reusable Camshaft Bolts
-ARP Reusable Harmonic Balancer Bolt
-5/16 One-Piece Chromoly Pushrods
-Standard Travel LS7 Style Lifter Set
-GM Lifter Trays
-GM Valley Cover & Hardware
-GM Oil Pump
-GM HD Timing Chain
-Camshaft Retaining Plate & Hardware
-Rear Timing Cover

Gaskets & Seals:
Unlike other packages on the market, each kit from LS4 King features a blend of OE quality gaskets and seals based on the original construction. 

-MLS Head Gaskets
-Valve Cover Gaskets
-Valve Cover Bolt Grommets
-MLS Exhaust Manifold Gaskets
-Valley Cover Gasket
-Valley Cover O-Ring Seals
-Timing Cover Gasket
-Harmonic Balancer Seal
-Oil Pump Pick Up O-Ring Seal
-Oil Pan Gasket
-Aluminum Water Manifold Gaskets
-Steam Port Plug & Crossover Seals
-Rear Timing Cover Gasket & Main Seal

2007+ Model Year Note:
Starting in 2007, GM made the transition to a 1-Bolt camshaft as well as a new style chain dampener. To facilitate the DOD Delete on 2007 and newer LS4 engines, you will need a replacement 3-bolt camshaft sprocket as well as the LS2 style chain dampener to replace the spring loaded style which is prone to failure.

Please note:
While disabling DOD / AFM electronically in the tune will prevent the system from activating, this method should NOT be considered a DOD Delete. It is a step in the right direction and should certainly prolong the life expectancy of your engine, however it is not the full solution. Even when disabled, you still have the failure prone mechanical components in your engine which will eventually expire.

OEM Application List
2005-2008 Pontiac Grand Prix GXP 5.3L V8
2006-2007 Chevrolet Monte Carlo SS 5.3L V8
2006-2009 Chevrolet Impala SS 5.3L V8
2008-2009 Buick Lacrosse Super 5.3L V8
Swap Application List
Conversions Using 2005-2009 LS4 


Installation of these components will require a tune. Do NOT try to operate your vehicle after installation without consulting a competent tuner. 

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