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LS4 King

LS4 Engine to 4T80E Transmission Essentials Swap Kit

LS4 Engine to 4T80E Transmission Essentials Swap Kit

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In our continued efforts to simplify the 4T80E transmission conversion for LS4 enthusiasts, we have assembled the Essentials Swap Kit. 

The biggest pitfall of the W-Body platform has always been the transmission. Once the threshold of 450whp has been crossed, even the healthiest 4T65E quickly becomes a time bomb. Countless builders have attempted to reengineer the 4T65E using expensive exotic parts only to experience continued failures. Several years back, Brandon Furches of LS4 King paved the way for LS4 enthusiasts in the form of the 4T80E conversion. Utilizing the robust transaxle found in front wheel drive Northstar powered vehicles has proven time and time again to be a viable option for builders looking to push the limits of the LS4.

The Essentials Swap Kit includes all the primary mechanical components and hardware to get the 4T80E mounted to your LS4 and secured to the W-Body subframe.

  • Stainless Steel LS4 Oil Pan with Starter Assembly
  • Oil Pan Gasket and Stainless Mounting Hardware
  • Remote Mount Oil Filter Adapter with Fittings and Seals
  • 3 Piece Solid Conversion Mount Kit with Hardware
  • Pair of 4T80E Conversion Axles
  • Bell Housing Hardware for 4T80E to LS4 

A note from Brandon: One misconception I often hear repeated is that solid mounts equal teeth chattering ride quality. This is completely false. You will have a moderate increase in NVH (Noise Vibration Harshness) since the engine and transmission no longer ride on squishy rubber mounts, this is to be expected. It is extremely tolerable and in my opinion simply creates more feedback from the chassis to the driver. I daily drive my swapped vehicles and I have never received a complaint from any of my passengers.    

  • Please note:
  • This swap kit is intended for LS4 & 4T80E Swaps only. These mounts will NOT work in conjunction with the OEM 4T65E.
  • If you are attempting to swap a W-Body originally equipped with a V6, you will also need the LS4 subframe. These mounts will NOT work with the V6 subframe.
  • Due to the increased footprint of the 4T80E this mount kit moves the drivetrain forward towards the radiator support one inch.
  • Additional parts are required to facilitate this transmission conversion.
OEM Application List
2005-2008 Pontiac Grand Prix GXP 5.3L V8
2006-2007 Chevrolet Monte Carlo SS 5.3L V8
2006-2009 Chevrolet Impala SS 5.3L V8
2008-2009 Buick Lacrosse Super 5.3L V8
Swap Application List
1997-2014 W-Body with LS4 V8 Aluminum Subframe


Watch the videos below to learn more about the Essentials Swap Kit as well as the 4T80E conversion process:


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